Sirt Pistols for laser dry fire training

Laser Training: Reinventing Dry Fire

Laser Training: Reinventing Dry Fire If you’ve been in one of our classes, then you probably remember how much we love dry fire training! If you haven’t come out to a class yet, and aren’t familiar with dry fire, here’s a summary. Dry fire is the process of practicing firearms handling (trigger control, sight alignment,…
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Central Michigan CPL Logo

New Logo, New Look, New Name!

You’ve probably noticed, things are a little different around here. As you can tell, we have an awesome new logo, a redesigned website, and a new name! Well, sort of a new name. New Name We’ve consolidated our brand identity under the Central Michigan CPL name. Our private investigation services are still offered. You can reach our…
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Light Up the Night! Self-Defense Flashlight

Why Carry a Flashlight for Defense? If you carry a firearm for defense, consider carrying a self-defense flashlight as well. A flashlight allows you to check dark or poorly lit areas before you approach. Brighter flashlights can also stun or blind an assailant. A flashlight can be used as an improvised impact self-defense tool and…
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