New Logo, New Look, New Name!

Central Michigan CPL Logo

You’ve probably noticed, things are a little different around here.

As you can tell, we have an awesome new logo, a redesigned website, and a new name! Well, sort of a new name.

New Name

We’ve consolidated our brand identity under the Central Michigan CPL name. Our private investigation services are still offered. You can reach our private investigators directly by calling 517-652-9384 or emailing We will continue to offer all the same classes and training, with much more on the way!

New Logo

Our new logo is prominently featured on a ton of new gear available during our classes. As part of our new look, we’ve also adopted the motto; Prepare, Carry, Defend. This new motto reflects our mission. We want to Prepare you through training and education, give you the resources to Carry concealed comfortably and wherever possible, and educate you on self-defense law and self-defense insurance options so you can Defend yourself if the worst case ever happens.


Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage. This once monthly email contains everything you need to know about what’s happening with your favorite firearms training team. We will also be giving away prizes to our newsletter subscribers every few months This way we can share some of the cool gear we come across in the firearms industry.

New Classes

In the past we’ve offered CPL classes, an Advanced Class, and Instructor Classes. We’re going to keep doing those classes, and we’re going to do them more often!

  • We’ve completely revamped our Advanced Class. Instead of a half day course, it’s now a 9 hour, range intensive. We focus on refining your skills as a responsible and capable concealed carry permit holder. This class focuses on effective concealed carry, presenting and firing from concealment, clearing malfunctions and stoppages, shooting and moving, special shooting techniques, the defensive mindset, and more.
  • We’re also rolling out a new course from the USCCA, Countering the Mass Shooter Threat. This class examine previous mass shootings and provide you with the information to identify, reduce, control, and then eliminate these incidents.
      Who should attend?

    • School staffers, administration, teachers, volunteers, etc.
    • Church leaders, security, and parishioners.
    • Parents, grandparents, and students.
    • Anyone concerned about this type of event.
  • We will also begin using a Video Scenario Training and a Virtual Range in many of our classes. This is cutting edge technology that will allow you to practice realistic self-defense simulations.
  • New basic classes and a Fundamental Pistol Skills course are coming soon. This will be a very affordable 3 hour course to introduce individuals new to firearms to the basic skills necessary to safely and effectively handle a firearm. This will give people a fun and inexpensive way to explore firearms ownership and to prepare them to get the most out of a CPL class.
  • Interested in becoming a firearms instructor? Watch for our upcoming USCCA Instructor class. We plan to run at least two instructor classes this summer.
Let us know if you have any questions, or feedback about our updated look. We will continue to add classes and training to serve you better. This is only the beginning!
Thank you from the Central Michigan CPL Team.