Light Up the Night! Self-Defense Flashlight

Why Carry a Flashlight for Defense?

If you carry a firearm for defense, consider carrying a self-defense flashlight as well. A flashlight allows you to check dark or poorly lit areas before you approach. Brighter flashlights can also stun or blind an assailant. A flashlight can be used as an improvised impact self-defense tool and they can be carried into pistol free zones. Dedicated flashlights are much brighter than the little lights on a cell phone. Plus, you can call 911 with one hand and light up the night with the other.

Considerations when selecting Self-Defense Flashlight:

Size – Is the flashlight portable enough to carry in a purse or a pocket? If you’re looking for an even smaller light, rechargeable keychain lights can be very small, light, and bright.

Brightness – Any quality flashlight will have its brightness specified on the packaging in ANSI lumens. A good light for self-defense should have a minimum of 100 lumens.

Batteries – Select a flashlight that is compatible with lithium batteries. Lithium batteries last significantly longer than typical alkaline batteries, and work better in colder temperatures. Rechargeable lights are also available, and can be a very good option, but if your battery dies you can’t just replace it. You’ll need to hook up to your charger and wait for the light to recharge before using it again.

Bulb type – Always choose LED. LED bulbs are brighter, extremely durable, and are almost impossible to burn out. They also produce less heat, and use less power. Older xenon, halogen, or tungsten bulbs are likely to break if dropped or impacted.

Switch type – Look for a flashlight with a switch on the side, or on the tail cap. This allows you to easily operate the light with one hand, while holding a firearm or phone in the other hand.

Here are some flashlights we recommend:

Keychain – NiteCore Tube or MecArmy SGN3
Nightstand – Fenix LD41 or Jetbeam BC40-GT